Decoking & Descaling

Over time, pipes and tubes used in industrial applications tend to develop unwanted deposits in their inner walls (usually referred to as scales). However, for the proper and safe working of these pipelines, tanks, plants and heaters, it is imperative to clean and remove all such residual deposits from time to time.

This is where DDT comes in handy.

The Decoking Descaling Technology Inc has made its mark in the field of Industrial Services and is rightly known as the market leader with its invention of DDT – a revolutionary pigging technology that can take away worries of clogged pipes, refinery heater tubes, boiler tanks and plants etc, thus increasing the life of machineries. 
The DDT Technology is a cost effective, safe and environment friendly technology that has been licensed to a number of individual companies the world over. This state-of-the-art technology has been efficiently removing some of the worst scale and coke deposits from boiler tanks, furnace tubes and oil refineries which otherwise go untouched. What makes the DDT technology superior than other cleaning attempts is the use of a cleaning Pigg® that cleans in all directions, making sure that the deposits are scraped and removed from all corners of the inner surface of pipes and other industrial equipments.

DDT Pigg ®

Any discussion of the DDT Technology is incomplete without talking about the DDT Pigg ®. To put it simply, the DDT Pigg is a flexible cleaning device that translates the concept of the Decoking Descaling Technology into real action.

Benefits of DDT & Pigg ®

  • Versatility: Available in a range of sizes, shapes and diameters, small and large (16mm to 914mm), the pigg’s body is designed to incorporate a range of different cleaning appendages that stem outwards and complete the scraping process, thereby removing scale and coke deposits. Depending on the item to be cleaned and the stage of the cleaning process, the Pigg can be customized to offer a complete cleaning process using interchangeable appendages. 
  • Complete & Thorough Cleaning: Unlike some other technologies, the DDT technology makes sure that the pigg offers 100% descaling and decoking service by incorporating a 360° cleaning action, ensuring that even the hardest of deposits are removed without damaging the walls and surfaces.  
  • Safe, Efficient & Environment friendly: DDT does not use any chemicals making it safe. There is hardly any fuel usage compared to traditional methods of cleaning. Cleaning at U-bends and complicated positions is easy and tailored to satisfaction. What’s more, since it operates on low pressure and temperature, there are no risks or tensions. 
  • Smart Build: DDT removes any chances of the pigg getting blocked on the already scraped deposits at any point of the cleaning process. This is because the technology incorporates a procedure through which liquid bypass surrounds the body of the Pigg, flushing out the scraped residue. 

Where is it Used?

Due to its superior cleaning functionality, affordability and long term returns, the DDT service is used extensively in oil refineries, petro chemical and steel plants etc.
DDT technology is not only a safe and through cleaning process, it is also cost effective – an ideal cleaning solution tailored for the future.

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BP Testimonial

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“We would like to commend Crest Environmental Services, for their work during the recent demolition and decontamination of Kwinana’s bulk MFAKMstorage & blending facility.” - Kathleen Lucas, Business Unit Leader - BP Refinery (Kwinana)

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“The operation was carried out with the utmost professionalism, with no accidents or incidents, and within the agreed time. A hazardous job well done.” Gary Smith Refinery Manager-Shell Refining (Australia)

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