Fire Heater Questionnaire

Client Information Heater Information
Company : Furnace Type: Unit No. :
  Number of Passes :
Address: Tube/ Pipe Dimensions :
Size : Number : Schedule :
Size : Number : Schedule :
Size : Number : Schedule :
Size : Number : Schedule :
Size : Number : Schedule :
Contact Name : Mating Flange Information
Phone No. : Inlet
Fax No. : Size : Number : Schedule :
E-mail : Outlet
Expected Work Date : Size : Number : Schedule :
  Tube/ Pipe Alloy
  Tube/ Pipe layout available (Yes/ No):
  Length Radiant Section:
  Length Convection Section:
  Number of U-bends/ Plug headers:
Operational Information  
Process Fluid/ Product: Thru-put (Flow rates & Pressures)
Inlet Temperature: oF    oC Design Thru-put:
Outlet Temperature: oF    oC Present Thru-put:
Skin Temperature increase: Deposit Thickness:
Last Cleaning Date: Deposit Hardness:
Method of Cleaning: Deposit Type:
Text Pressure: Area of Deposit:
Safety Requirements/ Equipment
PPE: Safety Helmet Hearing Protection Safety Boots Fire Retardant Coveralls
  Safety Glasses Gloves Respitory Protection Others (Specify)
Safety Qualifications: SCATS PTW Awareness Others (Specify)
On Site Safety Qualifications: Site Induction
Security Requirements: Gate Pass Vehicle pass
I.D. Required No Cameras
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BP Testimonial

Crest Environmental BP Testimonial Image
“We would like to commend Crest Environmental Services, for their work during the recent demolition and decontamination of Kwinana’s bulk MFAKMstorage & blending facility.” - Kathleen Lucas, Business Unit Leader - BP Refinery (Kwinana)

Shell Testimonial

Crest Environmental Shell Testimonial Image
“The operation was carried out with the utmost professionalism, with no accidents or incidents, and within the agreed time. A hazardous job well done.” Gary Smith Refinery Manager-Shell Refining (Australia)

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